Choices Stories You Play – All About The Game

Choices Stories You Play

Smartphone is called as the revolutionary device that has changed the method of looking the world and it also lay an effect on playing games. Well, there are so many people who love to play games on smartphone and the main reason is portability. They can play game at anywhere and the quick access to game is the reason behind playing it. Choices stories you play is a popular game that is developed and designed by Pixelberry and there are millions of gamers that are playing it. The rating on google play store and apple app store about choices stories you play is 4.2 stars. The rating is good enough to make users download it. if you have started playing it then there are so many things that you should know about.


A game is all about the gameplay but the important factor is currencies. You have the chance to earn higher amount of it. Diamond is the currency that is common one and the second currency is key and it is premium one. Both are so much important that it is hard to win. The story is decided by you and if you want to be the best gamer then it is important that you earn higher amount of it. The chances are higher that you can earn good amount just by playing. It is all about strategy and choosing the right path. There are many methods that can help for sure.

How To Progress Faster?

We mentioned before that currencies are vital in choices stories you play. If you have a good amount of it then it is way more easier to progress and earn thousands of resources. Try to go slow until you earn good amount of it. Make sure that you don’t waste it otherwise it can be troublesome in later stages. The key to progression fast is diamond and keys given in the game. You should learn the pure basics of the game and earn higher amount.

Where To Spend Diamond?

Diamond may be the common currency but most of the work done in game is based on it. If you are earning very few diamond then it is hard but you can try out getting more diamond by spending money. Basically, spend these on clothes because the more you look better the more you can date easily. There are many other things that are based on diamond and it is same for keys. These are hard to earn and the fortune wheel can provide it. Try to save it and spend it on exclusive dresses. It is not easy to win without currencies but the hack tools are able to help in it.

Connect To Social Media

The easiest method to acquire currency is connecting your gaming account to social media. It is easy to earn so many resources and basically, you get few keys with it. there are so many episodes in the game and it you want to progress easily then you can spend the keys and unlock the next chapter easily. Lots of gamers has used these methods and gained benefit of it.

What To Avoid?

You can easily find that generators are helpful but most of the time, it can be troublesome and we mentioned about it many times. You should find a tool that is exclusive and there are no risk on using them. It is hard to find such tools but choices stories you play keys generator is used by many and it has good reviews so try it out.