Backpack For 14″ Portable Computers

کوله پشتی

In our day to day life, we got to take care of our essential thing. And if that essential thing is an expensive commodity, then definitely you need to be very careful about taking care of that thing. Laptop is one such thing, which is very much essential for your laptop. Today I am presenting you a special kind of laptop backpack which I found online. If your laptop is of 14’’ size, then you might want to at least take a look at this wonderful item. Let us talk about کوله پشتی.

Designed with comfort and functionality fundamentally in mind, this backpack boasts an exclusive style suitable for both the dynamic professional and the student who returns to school in the fall.


  • An integrated compartment for laptops with capacity for laptops with screens up to 14.1 inches
  • Also compatible with 13 and 15 inch MacBooks
  • The front pocket includes an organization panel that can hold the mobile phone, the iPod and other essentials leaving also a lot of space for the power cables
  • A zippered security pocket protects your passport or airline ticket
  • A scratch-resistant felt pocket is ideal for sunglasses or mobile phones with a touch screen
  • The belt management system keeps the excess belt wound and secure in place so it does not bother you
  • Zippered side pockets offer quick access to small cables, keys or an appetizer
  • Padding on the front of the package and shoulder straps provide more cushioning
  • Air mesh shoulder straps maintain comfort and breathability
  • Without PVC: buy products with the peace of mind that they are respectful of the environment

If you want to take care of your laptop, then you might try doing that with this laptop. کوله پشتی Is the ultimate thing which matters when it comes to the security of your precious laptop.

Forge of empires made easy

Since the popularization of the android and apple phones that comes with a variety of specifications, the gaming has taken to a whole new level. Instead of sitting in front of a big screened television and fiddling with the joystick, gamers could drown in their favorite games on the move. Most of the gaming companies took advantage of this situation and came up with addictive games that ensnare the gamers with its gripping storyline and gameplay. Some of the games that stunned the gamers on recent times are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, SimCity, etc. Adding to that famous list, Forge of empires is also a potential game that had attracted millions of gamers all over the world. This article is all about the forge of empires cheats. forge of empires cheats

That is a browser-based strategy game where the players will build a city starting from the Stone Age to the oceanic future. Still, this game is kind of difficult to play and take a large amount of time to build the elements in the city. So the gamers feel like they could use some cheats that would help them progress in their games faster and unlock all the powerful elements of the game so that they could brag around with their fellow gamers.

That’s where a site called has come up with a free hacking tool to facilitate the gameplay with their unique forge of empires cheats. That can be unlocked totally for free and you could access the cheats from online itself. All you have to do is to complete a simple survey that would barely take few minutes to complete. Once you have made your participation on the survey, you will obtain the cheats to speed up your gaming progress saving any frustrations of spawning times in the game.

Gain Unlimited Diamonds And Coins On Sniper 3D Assassin

Sniper 3D hacksAll Sniper 3D players are constantly looking for hacks and cheats to get more coins and diamonds on the game. But, if you search the internet for Sniper 3D hack you will be flooded with so much content and it will leave you confused as to what to choose. So, we are here to recommend some of the websites that offer the best Sniper 3D hacks.

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This website also provides a large variety of cheats and hacks for free. The codes are also extremely user friendly and you can use them very easily. The hacks offered by the website are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. They are all ready to use and there is no need to use any jailbreaks, hacking, root or programming.

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